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10 Ways To Build Trust This course will describe how to quickly build trust with a guest entering the store. Review the 3 Minute Training Lesson and take the short quiz. There is also a "Building Trust" checklist for your manager or coworker to evaluate your behaviors. Print it off and ask them to observe your interactions with guests. 0.00 04/11/2016 11/04/2017 7
5 Year Comprensive Program This course covers the various programs that can be offered to the guest based on their purchase and level of coverage. 0.00 05/13/2016 09/21/2017 39
Adjustable Base Protection - Part I In this course you will be introduced to the Guardian Adjustable Base Protection program. You will learn the coverage, customer service process and some background information on Guardian. You can also access a copy of the terms and conditions of the coverage, as well as a full color brochure for printing. 0.00 07/24/2017 11/09/2017 42
Adjustable Base Sales Skills - Part II In this course you will develop your skills in selling adjustable bases with Guardian Adjustable Base protection plans. You will learn how to get more customers into the bedding department, and how to use the protection plan to sell more adjustable bases to your bedding customer. 0.00 07/25/2017 10/12/2017 42
Answering Guest Concerns In this lesson we will cover how to effectively include Protection Plans as part of the entire purchase by responding to common Guest concerns. 0.00 05/13/2016 05/14/2016 41
Furniture Protection Kits In this course we will take a look at the protection products available to your customer. These products are scientifically formulated to preserve the look and finish of a variety of home furnishings products. Furniture care tips are offered, along with instructions on how to address common household spills and stains. 0.00 07/25/2017 07/25/2017 43
How to Ask Provocative Questions This course will provide specific types of questions that build trust and uncover important motivations related to the purchase. 0.00 04/11/2016 04/22/2016 6
How to Define What is Important This course will provide direction on what is important to a guest, and how to communicate these features in terms of experiences 0.00 04/11/2016 04/22/2016 6
How to Discover Guest Research This course will provide skills and techniques to understand what the Guest has already seen or researched. 0.00 04/11/2016 04/22/2016 6
How to Engage in Small Talk This course provides techniques in how to engage in small talk with a guest who enters the store 0.00 04/11/2016 04/22/2016 7
How to Get Guests Talking This course will look at techniques that will help guests to have a better shopping experience and provide opportunities to connect. 0.00 04/11/2016 04/22/2016 6
How to Respond to Just Looking Guests This course provides techniques and resources to respond to Just Looking Guests 0.00 04/11/2016 05/05/2016 7
How to Use Appropriate Body Language with a Guest This course will provide techniques on how to use your body in non-verbal communication with a guest. 0.00 04/11/2016 04/22/2016 7
How to Use Internet Research to Drive Sales This course will explain how to convert online questions and price quotes into sales 0.00 04/11/2016 04/22/2016 7
Initial Guest Connection This module will cover where to stand, how to look and what to say on the initial welcoming of the guest in the store. 0.00 04/11/2016 04/22/2016 7
Intro to Furniture Protection Plans In this lesson, you will be introduced to the coverage and service request process for Guardian Furniture Protection Plans. This lesson will include coverage for fabric, wood and leather products. 0.00 07/25/2017 07/25/2017 43
Mattress Sizing In this 3 minute course we will review the standard mattress sizes, as well as some specialty sizing. This course includes a short knowledge check. 0.00 04/27/2016 11/04/2017 14
Mentioning Protection Plans This course will cover when to properly mention protection plans, as well as how to bring these programs up as part of your sales presentation. 0.00 05/13/2016 05/14/2016 40
Pitfalls of Overselling In this course we will cover the adverse effects for the Customer, Sales Associate and Company by not properly explaining the coverage properly. 0.00 05/13/2016 05/14/2016 41
Preparing to Engage The objective of this course is to provide the checkpoints regarding dress, knowledge and attitude that are required prior to Engaging with a guest. 0.00 04/11/2016 04/30/2016 7
Protection Plan Coverages This course will present the types of accidental damages that are covered by the Guardian program, as well as situations that would not be covered. 0.00 05/13/2016 05/14/2016 39
Relating Protection Plans to Lifestyle This lesson will discuss how to properly understand the lifestyle behaviors of your guest, and then how to link behaviors with the need for Protection Plan coverage. 0.00 05/13/2016 05/14/2016 40
Roadblocks to Success The course uncovers the beliefs and behaviors that hold back success. 0.00 05/16/2016 05/16/2016 41
Sales and Promotions This course covers how to understand current promotions, and how to communicate those to the guest. 0.00 04/11/2016 04/11/2016 7
Selling Protection on Upholstered Furniture In this module we will present how to mention and educate your guest on the importance of protecting her upholstery investment. 0.00 05/13/2016 05/14/2016 40
Selling Protection Plans on Casegoods In this course we will cover how to mention and educate your guest on the benefits of protecting their casegood purchase. 0.00 05/13/2016 05/14/2016 40
The Impact of the Internet This course describes the habits of the typical consumer during online research 0.00 04/11/2016 04/11/2016 7
Using Correct Language In this course, we will explain the differences between a Protection Program, and warranties or insurance. 0.00 05/13/2016 05/14/2016 40
Using Financing to Increase Plan Sales and Average Ticket In this course we will demonstrate the increase in Protection Plan attachment, Average Ticket and commissions by utilizing finance programs. 0.00 05/13/2016 05/14/2016 40
What are Active Listening Skills? This course will present techniques to increase listening and build trust with your guest. 0.00 04/11/2016 04/11/2016 6
Who is Guardian This course will present background information on Guardian, and why this is important to your guest and your Company. 0.00 05/13/2016 05/14/2016 39
Why Protection Plans are Important In this course we will discuss the importance of protecting large investments such as furniture, and how to explain this to a guest. 0.00 05/13/2016 05/14/2016 39