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Learning System Options | Furniture Trainer

Learning Management System Options

moodle-logoMoodle is a robust LMS with larger reporting and customization options.  Perfect for more than 30 Users

talentLMS_shareTalentlms is an easy to navigate platform with excellent reporting structure and easy navigation.  Good for up to 30 Users


LearnPress offers great functionality as a plug in to your WordPress website with reporting functionality


Adobe Captivate Prime provides robust LMS functionality integrated with Captivate to author customized elearning modules.

Choosing An LMS

Choosing a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Content Management System (CMS) is your first decision to determine the best Sales Development solution.  A CMS is a framework to organize and deliver a variety of learning courses, support documents, videos and reference material.  An LMS organizes all of these materials, and in addition offers course assignment, testing and reporting related to the material.  In smaller organizations, a customized CMS may be just perfect to catalog materials in a easy to access format without the need to assign or test the participants.  A CMS would not be considered a training vehicle since there isn’t any testing of knowledge or confirmation that the material is even accessed.  In both LMS and CMS, the software is a “file cabinet” that initially is empty.  We work with you to determine what we want the cabinet to look like, and what we want to place inside.  When determining the best LMS system for your organization, we will want to take into account the number of users, how you would like to administrate (ie. assign courses, gather reporting, input new users), where you would like to host the site and the amount of custom work you would like to see provided.  Third party LMS services such as Talentlms offer low initial fees, but are subscription based and charge by the number of “seats” or participants.  Alternatively, you may consider a proprietary site which is slightly more expensive on the front end, but you own the LMS and the content thereby eliminating any subscription fees.  We would be happy to speak with you about all the options available and which one makes the most sense for your organization.

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